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portfolio and presentation design

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What is the get graphic! Portfolio and Resume Design and Review service?

The get graphic! Portfolio and Resume Design and Review service is for students and professionals in design and creative fields. This service will provide you with personalized council and advise helping you to:

  • improve your ability to communicate design ideas in a concise and aesthetically relevant manner

  • establish an identity which is distinct to you and your individual design sensibilities

  • make a first impression, keep the interest of your audience and leave them wanting more

  • put your best foot forward in making a seamless transition into the design and creative fields

  • create a high-level impact on an employer, client or audience

What does the get graphic! Portfolio and Resume Design and Review offer?

This service will provide inspirational examples of high-quality portfolios, advise on how best to select, organize and present your work and experience, and most importantly, suggestions on how to craft and package your portfolio for submission to college, graduate school, potential employers or clients.


  • Fine Arts

  • Architecture

  • Fashion Design

What is a portfolio?

The portfolio is a unique device allowing you to display your ability to contribute to a creative field with graphic, conceptual and technical acuity. get graphic! is geared toward high school students applying for college, college students applying for graduate school or entry into a creative discipline, as well as, professionals looking to increase their client base. In each case, the portfolio is crucial for both the educational process and career development. A well-crafted portfolio demonstrating the appropriate application of design skills can greatly enhance and validate individual self-expression. These skills may be easily transferred to entrepreneurial opportunities and marketing capabilities. Students and professionals with knowledge and skills in these areas are sought after and highly valued.


Why is a portfolio special and important?

Portfolios are your unique opportunity to communicate your individual design intent. They exhibit the ways you think about and produce your work. With increasingly complex creative opportunities incorporating new technologies, materials, systems and production techniques, your portfolio must identify and illustrate your personal means of expression. The portfolio is your special opportunity to integrate the elements of graphic design as a way of presenting and communicating your contributions to the creative world.


Who needs a portfolio?

The portfolio articulates both verbally and graphically the intentions and processes inherent in the making of a body of work, how it is effective in solving the issues at hand and how it may be used to create the most powerful, profitable or productive outcome. Designers in various fields such as graphics, architecture, the fine arts as well as fashion and business, use the portfolio to present themselves as viable, productive and employable candidates. They must become adept at three important phases in the creation of their work. One, the understanding and mastery of the essential language of the discipline in order for the meaning of the work to manifest fully from concept to form. Two, the development of a means of representation appropriate for the visualization and communication of their message. And three, the ability to choose a format for presentation which showcases the work in a manner legible to both those within the field as well as those less familiar.

  • Graphic Design

  • Interior Design

  • Furniture Design

  • Presentations

  • Marketing

  • Blogs & Social Media

Enjoy the challenge and get graphic!  Barbara Ambach | baDesign