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Portfolio and Presentation Design from Start to Finish!

getgraphiconline provides design services and tools for creating successful Portfolios, Presentations and Resumes from start to finish. Exercises for each aspect of the design are given for you to practice and further develop. With each step the beauty and impact of successful design are enhanced.

getgraphiconline is for students, professionals and ANYONE who needs to present themselves and their work to a school, client or business.

  • improve your graphic skills and ability to communicate design ideas

  • establish an identity reflecting your individual design sensibilities

  • organize and compose your work in a clear and consistent format

  • create a high-level impact on an employer, client or other audience

  • make a first impression and keep the interest of your audience


Eight crucial steps are explained and illustrated with images and keyword descriptions, including: 

1 Elements _ practice composing with graphic design basics

2 Grids _ apply the use of grids and other organizational devices

3 Typography _ communicate and express the design intention

4 Variations _ develop multiple iterations and select the best design option

5 Strategy _ define and develop consistency and continuity

6 Identity _ personalize a with logos, icons and resumes

7 Composition _ employ a well-crafted organization of text, images and graphic device

8 Packaging _ prepare for printing, publishing, interviews and applications

You will be inspired by examples of high-quality portfolios, presentations and resumes. As well, you will receive advice on how best to select, organize and present for submission to colleges, graduate schools, potential employers or clients. is geared toward high school students applying for college, college students applying for graduate school or entry into a creative discipline, as well as, ANY professional looking to explain a project to their clients or increase their client base. In each case, portfolios, presentations and resumes are crucial for making a great impression in your education or career.

  • Graphic Design

  • Interior Design

  • Furniture Design

  • Business

  • Marketing

  • Blogs & Social Media

  • Fine Arts

  • Architecture

  • Fashion

​Portfolios and Presentations are unique in allowing you to display your personal design sensibilities and apply them with graphic, conceptual and technical acuity. They exhibit the ways you think about and produce your work.


With so many applications and production techniques now available, your portfolio or presentation can easily integrate the elements of graphic design as a way of presenting and communicating your ideas and creativity.

Well-crafted portfolios and presentations can greatly enhance entrepreneurial opportunities and marketing success. Students and professionals with knowledge and skills in graphic design and communication are sought after and highly valued.

To purchase access to the online course exercises and resources:

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